The Motley Cru in the RTÉ Guide!

Ashamedly, it’s been over a month since my last posting. Work, weekends away, stags and other commitments have all vacuumed time away from this blog, and the guilt has been building gradually since.

Those in need of a Motley Cru fix, however, need look no further than the current issue of the RTÉ Guide, in particular page twenty of the Foodie Heaven supplement therein, where yours truly has contributed to majority of the sole page dedicated to wine.

Needless to say I’m chuffed and somewhat dumbfounded by my first foray into print media – the RTÉ Guide has a readership of 504,000 people off a circulation of 61,000 copies according to their own website, which is a mind boggling number of people to be exposed to on your first go. It’s even more of a surprise given that I thought I was only helping out with a bit part in that supplement, so to be name-checked for my wine recommendations is an extraordinary experience.

So grab a copy of the current RTÉ Guide (or read it in the shop if you’re cheap) and I will resume normal posting soon!



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