… one wonders what one writes at this point, and whether the same trepidation coursed through the minds and fingers of other Irish wine bloggers when starting out.

Perhaps a mission statement of sorts would be a start: why, in a sea of enthusiastic and erudite wine blogs being written here in Ireland, should I ever consider wading in with ‘yet another wine blog’?

The Motley Cru's Editor!I work for one of the larger, more established wine importers in Dublin and love what I do though I feel that a blog would allow me to further connect with all the wonderful people involved with wine here on this island of ours, most of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet over the years at various wine fairs and events, as well as providing further opportunities to engage and interact with the same said folk.

I can’t say that I’ll reach the heights of established scribblers such as Paddy of The Vine Inspiration, Lar Veale of Sour Grapes, Paul Kiernan of Grapes of Wrath (sadly no longer blogging), the always excellent and informative blogs of Matt Kane of Curious Wines, or the charming young upstarts at The Empty Glass whose incisive posts belie their age(s) for example. But, I’ll give it my best and have the craic along the way. I’ve already added a few posts before this one in order to flesh out the blog a little and to give a taste of things to come, though please bear with me as I tinker the look and feel of the thing.

This blog will take many forms and have many facets, hence its ‘motley’ moniker. There will be mostly tasting notes of wines of course, and they’ll either be hastily-typed sketches or prose-style tracts; either wildly vague or anally particular; and either providing or lacking prices and stockists. Sometimes there’ll be musings, reports, reviews, and  I might even do some restaurants if I feel brave. Who knows? Not me that’s for sure, but I’m eager to find out…


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